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DROP 9 – Delivering a company presentation

Speak more slowly than normal. As you will be giving new information, do not underestimate the amount of time that will be needed to understand it.

was founded in we have expanded our main business

Sample presentation of a company ...

The company was founded in ...
Over the years we have expanded / diversified / consolidated our activities.
Now our main business is ...
The company has 2 or 3 main activities / different branches.
The company is divided into / organised in departments/offices.
At the moment we are working on / researching / looking for ... .
The main challenge facing us today is ...?

Politeness says ...

How to make polite requests

  • Do you mind if I smoke?
  • Is it all right if I leave early?
  • Would you mind if I asked you something?
  • May I use your pencil?
Please read this company presentation.

AVANTEL AB is a Swedish high-tech company founded in 1984. We provide custom design product development in the area of electronic hardware, including firmware and software. We have experts in analog, digital and microprocessor technology.
We have experience from many fields
including broadcast and consumer audio. Our designs are often made to meet tough environmental conditions and requirements, e.g. space, airborne and rail vehicle equipment.
We offer our customers
a small, effective team of experienced and specialised professionals. Our laboratory is equipped with a broad range of modern and high-class instruments and development tools.
We believe that
the profitability of any product is determined by the quality of the specification and development work. It is important for us to meet the requirements from the intended market. We have long experience in designing for EMC and the safety requirements of different countries.

Încercaţi să utilizaţi cât mai puţin dicţionarul englez-român.
Folosiţi-vă cât mai mult memoria şi imaginaţia!
Pe parcursul săptămânii, exersaţi aceste mici dialoguri în gând, în diferite locuri sau momente ale zilei!

Please, do NOT study grammar at this stage.  
Use your imagination and memory intensively.
to supply products a furniza produse
to provide services a furniza servicii
to sell a comercializa
to manufacture a produce

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