UNIT 1 - You and your companyPeople in business
Grammar (present simple)
Vocabulary (daily activities)
Communication skills (introductions, company profile)

Talking about your company
Grammar (present simple)
Vocabulary (nationalities, word families)
Communication skills (giving basic personal information, socializing, describing leisure activities

Company facts and figures
Grammar (present simple)
Vocabulary (word families, large numbers)
Communication skills (company organisation, presentations 1: presenting a company)
UNIT 2 - Preparing a trip Choosing a hotel
Grammar (there is / there are)
Vocabulary (hotel facilities and services, word chains)
Communication skills (booking a hotel, making polite requests)

Flying out
Grammar (saying the time, distance and frequency)
Vocabulary (plane travel)
Communication skills (reserving a flight)

Grammar (countable and uncountable nouns)
Vocabulary (airport procedures, mind maps)
Communication skills (making polite conversation, socializing)
UNIT 3 - Away on business Finding your way
Grammar (the imperative, prepositions of location and motion)
Vocabulary (maps and directions)
Communication skills (giving directions, formal and informal letters, advice to travelers)

Going out
Grammar (like and would like play / do / go + -ing)
Vocabulary (free-time activities)
Communication skills (inviting, telephoning 1: Getting through, making arrangements)

Eating out
Grammar (countable and uncountable nouns 2)
Vocabulary (food and restaurants)
Communication skills (ordering in a restaurant, recommending and suggesting)
UNIT 4 - Visiting a company Meeting new people
Grammar (past simple: regular forms, past simple of be)
Vocabulary (time expressions)
Communication skills (welcoming visitors)

Reporting on a trip
Grammar (past simple: irregular forms)
Vocabulary (verb and noun collocations, itineraries)
Communication skills (writing an e-mail of thanks, exchanging diary information)

Describing company structure
Grammar (present simple revision)
Vocabulary (jobs, company structure)
Communication skills (presentations 2: A tour of your company)
UNIT 5 - New developments Current activities
Grammar (present continuous, present simple vs present continuous)
Vocabulary (company activities)
Communication skills (describing company projects)

Company developments
Grammar (present continuous vs past simple)
Vocabulary (describing trends, graphs and charts)
Communication skills (presentations 3: Referring to visual aids)

Personal developments
Grammar (What is ... like?)
Vocabulary (descriptive adjectives)
Communication skills (exchanging personal news, talking about a trip)
UNIT 6 - Arrangements Dates and schedules
Grammar (present continuous for future)
Vocabulary (speaking and writing dates)
Communication skills (making arrangements)

Getting connected
Grammar (present continuous for future revision)
Vocabulary (telephone expressions)
Communication skills (telephoning 2: Taking and leaving messages)

Arranging to meet
Grammar (Shall we ...? I'm afraid ...)
Vocabulary (time expressions, appointments and meetings)
Communication skills (making and changing appointments, accepting and refusing, confirming)
UNIT 7 - Describing and comparing Comparisons and contrasts
Grammar (comparative and superlative forms)
Vocabulary (descriptive adjectives)
Communication skills (comparing lifestyles and routines)

Describing products and services
Grammar (present simple passive, sequence linkers)
Vocabulary (customer service departments)
Communication skills (describing processes)

Evaluating products
Grammar (How ... is it? It's made of...)
Vocabulary (dimensions and specifications)
Communication skills (meetings: Exchanging opinions)
UNIT 8 - Life stories Success stories
Grammar (past simple revision, time expressions, past passive)
Vocabulary (word families)
Communication skills (describing other people's live)

Making money
Grammar (past tense revision)
Vocabulary (financial vocabulary, collocations)
Communication skills (dealing with numbers)

Company history
Grammar (past passive and past active question forms)
Vocabulary (company history, word building)
Communication skills (presenting the history of a company)
UNIT 9 - Dealing with problems Making decisions
Grammar (will vs present continuous, Shall I ...?)
Vocabulary (business conferences)
Communication skills (arranging a schedule, allocating tasks)

Thinking ahead
Grammar (will for predictions, first conditional sentences)
Vocabulary (advertising and marketing)
Communication skills (comparing product features Predicting future events)

Complaining and apologizing
Grammar (will vs shall)
Vocabulary (customer problems and solutions)
Communication skills (complaints and apologies, spoken and written complaints)
UNIT 10 - People at work Suggesting and recommending
Grammar (should + infinitive, How/What about + -ing?)
Vocabulary (managing a small business)
Communication skills (making suggestions, giving advice)

Responsibilities and regulations
Grammar (modals of obligation and permission)
Vocabulary (company regulations)
Communication skills (describing advantages and disadvantages of jobs)

Checking and correcting information
Grammar (Can I... ? Would it be possible ...?)
Vocabulary (ordering and supplying goods)
Communication skills (negotiating prices, clarifying information, letter writing)
UNIT 11 - Getting a job Recruitment processes
Grammar (verb + -ing)
Vocabulary (personal qualities, job advertisements)
Communication skills (job application process, talking about likes and dislikes)

Applying for a job
Grammar (present perfect and past simple)
Vocabulary (curriculum vitae, covering letters)
Communication skills (writing a CV)

Staff profiles
Grammar (present perfect and past simple, finished and unfinished time)
Vocabulary (staff movements)
Communication skills (expressing preferences, presenting facts and figures)
UNIT 12 - The world of work Changing careers
Grammar (tense review)
Vocabulary (employment)
Communication skills (job hunting)

Work environments
Grammar (too and not enough)
Vocabulary (computers, vocabulary recording techniques)
Communication skills (describing working life)

Saying goodbye
Grammar (functions review)
Vocabulary (social and work situations)
Communication skills (saying goodbye)